Unable to Quit? What about Harm Reduction?

About This Clinical Trial?

Welcome to the Cessation and Relapse Prevention (CARP)Clinical Trial

About this Clinical Trial

This clinical trial seeks to determine if people with complex medical conditions that smoke are able (in combination with quitline support) to stop smoking using replacement nicotine based vaping technology in comparison to those that use standard practice short term NRT therapy like Nicotine patches, gum or lozenges.

Who is eligible to join the Trial

We are recruiting 810 participants living in Australia that have a combination of medical conditions that are known to increase susceptability to smoking related illness. There are 6 broad groups that each have a subquota of specific medical combinations within each group.

Pre-register to check your eligibility and reserve a place

Please read the information located above in 'About the trial (important information)'. Then, if you want to check your eligibility and reserve a place, register on the website and complete pre-registration for the trial.

New User - Register and Pre-registration
During pre-registration, you will be screened to determine if you have the unique combinations of medical conditions we are looking for and if a place in the subquota exists. On successful completion of the screening, you will automatically be reserved a place in the study pending either Telemedicine review (Phone review by a Telemedicine staff) or review by an authorised recruiting Doctor. (Note: these are listed at the back of the information sheet (here) and on screen during the pre-registration process).

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